Andy's bio

I grew up in Los Angeles, California.  In my late teens I experienced an awakening of faith and began writing songs to express my gratitude and love for God.   I began writing and recording music, and have been affiliated with Vineyard Music for many years.
A few of my better-known worship songs include “In the Secret” and “The River is Here.”  I recorded a project in 2015 called “Breath of Heaven,” and my “Still Shining” Christmas worship project is releasing in October, 2016.
I’ve traveled to many countries and all around the United States to lead worship and teach. I’ve also authored two books on worship: “To Know You More – Cultivating the Heart of A Worship Leader” (InterVarsity Press, 2002), and “The Worship Journey: A Quest of Heart, Mind and Strength” (2011).
I’ve also served on the pastoral staff of four different churches between 1985 and 2008, and continue to actively serve the local church.
I have a wonderful wife named Linda, and eight children ranging from 29 years old to 14 years old and two grandchildren.