Jesus' Star is Still Shining

I know Christmas seems like a long ways off, but I am excited about this new worship project called Still Shining.  The star that led the wise men to Jesus’ birthplace is still shining, still leading us to Jesus.   Every Advent season, I am drawn into worship by the miracle of God coming to earth as a baby.   The wonder of God’s incarnation never gets old. 
The title track for this album came to me during Christmas season, 2014.  Most songs I write never get recorded, but I knew I wanted to record Still Shining someday.   The project started to take shape in May of this year, and quickly gained momentum.  This project is about worshiping Jesus, and using a variety of moods to do it – joy, celebration, adoration, and quiet meditation through instrumental worship hymns.  It was tons of fun to collaborate with many friends on this project!   The album will be released in October.

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