Worship Team Coach

In September I finished  four months of leading worship at Southside Churches in Burnaby and Surrey, B.C.  I really enjoyed it!   I am always enriched by visiting and co-working with churches in other denominations than my own.  We have so much in common, and I learn from the various traditions of each church. 

My role was to work with the worship teams, and equip them in different ways.  We rehearsed the bands, worshipped together and talked about the heart and purpose of worship.   A small group of songwriters spent four evenings together to review, critique and re-write our songs.  Some excellent songs came out of that time. 

Now I am venturing into more opportunities to work as a Worship Team Coach.   My training programs are tailor-made for each church, according to their unique needs.   I am available for 1 week intensive training programs anywhere in North America, and all sorts of training programs in the Vancouver, BC area.

To see more details on this, go to my “training and resources” page.

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